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What WordPress theme is that? WordPress Theme Detector

WordPress is the most popular CMS (Content Management System) that is available right now. It is used by more than 30% of the websites. So if you are looking at a website we often have wondered if it is built on WordPress and also What WordPress theme is used by the site.

WordPress has tons of themes that are available for use in different websites or different category of websites. There are literally millions of themes available for WordPress which may be Free or Paid Themes. If we come across a website and really liked the theme used by the website, but how to identify the theme used by the site? Which theme is used by the website? These kinds of questions popup.

Many website might be using very popular themes but will have their own modifications using custom CSS or colour combinations. Installing a theme can be pretty easy. Its just downloading the zip file of the theme and uploading it. But to make a website cool is all up to the person who make changes using the theme settings and customizing it as needed.


Lets see how to find out the theme used by a WordPress website using the WordPress Theme Detector. It is a free service that can be used to identify the theme used by a WordPress Website. The WordPress Theme detector also doubles as a WordPress Plugin Detector too showing the plugins that are used by the website.

The Theme I use is Voice-Clean News/Magazine WordPress Theme

There are actually a handful of websites that can be used to detect the theme of the website. Today we are going to take a look at each of these websites and review them and crown one service as the Best WordPress Detector.

Before starting on the selection procedure for the best WordPress theme and plugin detector, i might have to warn you that these websites or services doesn’t guarantee that the theme is detected on every website you test. This is because either:

  • The site might be using a custom built WordPress Theme.
  • The designer/administrator might have changed the properties of the Theme files.
  • The service might not be able to crawl the website properly due to some restrictions.

Ok Lets get started on detecting or finding out the theme used by a WordPress Website.

  • WPThemeDetector

WP Theme Detector is the most one among the others and it is also better one compared to others in many aspects. We have tested our own website for testing the overall working of these wordpress theme detectors. I can say that WP Theme Detector was able to identify the theme we are using without any problems. It showed the result as:

The WP Theme used by this site seems to be called voice, but no detailed information about it is available at

Website Link: WP Theme Detector

The website was able to identify it pretty fast and also was able to identify some of the plugins that we use in our website. So full marks for WPTD for detecting the website without fault. And then we have tested a website which uses a Child Theme to check whether it was able to detect the parent theme which the website was using. Guess what? Test Passed with Flying colours.

  • ScanWP

Scan WP is another website by which we can find the theme any particular website is using. The website is pretty simple to use. Just enter the website URL and hit search. It takes a bit of time to process the URL and find the theme the website is using. We have tested with our website and ScanWP was able to detect the theme we were using which is Voice. It was also able to scrape few plugins that were using.

Website Link: WP Scan

And then we tested with another website to find out if it was able to detect Child themes, it was able to detect the Parent theme if it was using a Child Theme. There were no problem in detecting them. So that’s a PASS from our side.

  • SEO Tools Scan

The WordPress Theme Detector which is a part of the SEO Tools Suite is another great way to find out the theme a particular website is using. This website is fairly simple and basic. Type in the url of the website you want to search and click Submit. Wait for it pull out the information regarding the themes and plugins that site is using.

Website Link: The SEO Tools WP Theme Detector

The tool was able to successfully pull out our theme information with few plugins that we were using. This service is also reliable in finding the Parent Theme. It works great too like the 2 others we have seen.


  • WordPress Theme Search

What WordPress Theme is that is another free tool which we can use to find the theme a WordPress website is using. But I have to say that this is the worst among the others we have considered today. It fails to detect the themes of websites. It was able to detect plugins(few) that is being used by the website, but most of the time it failed to detect the WordPress theme the website was using.

Website Link: What WordPress Theme is That

I recommend using the other tools that I have mentioned above.

Final Thoughts:

The mentioned tools are completely FREE to use and can be used to detect the wordpress theme a site is using. These tools can also be used as WordPress Plugin Detector too as it also shows the plugins as website is using. This tool can aslo be used to find out if a website is built on WordPress or not.

Themes alone may not be helpful in designing websites because there will be some additional features that the theme cannot provide. Plugins comes to play when we need to increase the functionality of the websites like adding more widgets, adding social shares etc. We can also detect the plugins that are being used by the websites.

There are methods to detect the WordPress theme used by a website. Most of the big sites might be having custom built themes which will be unique and will not be available for download. But themes used by smaller websites and blogs can be found out pretty easily.

From reviewing these 4 tools, I have made up my mind and considering different parameters the WordPress Theme Detector (WPTP) is the Best Tool to Find WordPress Theme of a Website. It is having a robust algorithm and is more popular than the others for the same reason. It is able to detect most of the Themes and plugins, while some site’s theme were not detectable, because the theme must been a custom made one or there might be alteration to themes files or folders.


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