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How to Setup AMP for WordPress [STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE]

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. It is an open source framework supported by Google. AMP is a lightweight or bare structure of HTML. It main goal of AMP is to speed up Website loading in Mobile devices as the major portion of users access the web by Smartphones. How to Setup AMP for WordPress….Lets get started!

Website loading on Mobile might be slow for users as it takes more time comparing to Computers, Content rich websites takes up time to load, The introduction of AMP will increase the loading speed by upto 60%.

AMP uses very less HTML and limited number of Javascript. It will be hosted in Google AMP cache and it will loaded very fast. Facebook has Instant articles which is similar to AMP. The main advantage of AMP implementation is faster page loading page which will boost the number of audience and improve the user experience which will help in better Ranks in Searches.

If you want to test out AMP for WordPress before actually implementing it in your site….I recommend Installing WordPress n your Local Machine and use AMP .

How to Setup AMP for WordPress:

Setting up AMP is pretty simple and can be set up very easily. Follow along and Setup AMP for your wordpress website also.

  1. Goto Plugins and Add New Plugin.
  2. Search for AMP plugin by Automattic.
  3. Or Download the Plugin and Upload it to the Website.
  4. Install the Plugin and Activate.
  5. Go to Appearance>AMP and customize the colors to match your website colors.
  6. Done. You have successfully setup AMP for WordPress.

Design Settings of the AMP pages can be accessed from the Menu from Appearance>AMP. This is were you can access the settings of the AMP plugin.

For now the default AMP plugins gives us very little customization options. We can change the header colors, header background color, link color and color scheme as shown below. This is basically branding the AMP version similar to the website itself.

Follow the same color schemes used in the main website with AMP to get the same feel and it is one of the main aspects of branding a website. The sites colors and design should be uniform.

Validation of AMP Pages:

AMP pages uses a bare HTML version which will not support certain tags or strings. We need to make sure our AMP page is valid, only then it will be visible as an AMP page with a small logo in Google Search Results. Make sure you use validation tool to set the amp pages.

Check if AMP is setup properly by going to AMP pages by adding “/amp” to the end of the Post URL.

Eg: If your post URL is say “” then AMP version can be found at ““.

After you have installed make sure to check and fix AMP Error on your posts. Go here AMP Validator and Enter your AMP URL and check for error and fix them. You can also check the Validity of the AMP page using Google’s AMP Validator Tool.

The AMP plugin by Automattic which is the official plugin developed by WordPress will just add AMP support to the website, but it lacks many features and customization options. For this we will have to use plugins developed by other developers. We have created a tut on how to add Menu, Social share and related posts to AMP pages. Follow the link below:

Add Menu, Social Share to AMP Pages

Final Thoughts:

Amp is becoming very popular day by day. More and more websites and blogs are adapting to AMP as its definitely the next big thing of the web industry. AMP pages will definitely have an upper hand over those who doesn’t have them.

AMP Ads are also coming soon which is definitely going to boost AMP and improve the whole user experience. Google and the whole Internet is moving towards a Faster tomorrow, and AMP is a step in it.

Follow the instructions and make your website AMP Ready! If you have any doubts or queries, feel free to drop a comment or reach us at [email protected].

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