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How to Create Better SEO Friendly URLs for Blog Posts!

Optimizing the contents for higher rankings in Search engines is a bit of a process. There are lots of things that we need to take care in order to get good rankings in Search Engines. Search Engine Optimization takes time and great effort to perfect. Lets get started on structuring the proper SEO Friendly urls.

There are many aspects of SEO like the post content, post images, post urls, usage of keywords, meta description etc. which are some of the ON-Page SEO aspects. These things need to be taken care. The post/page url is the location of the article or the post on your website.

What are SEO Friendly URLs:

URLs need to be structured properly in order to rank higher. I’m sharing some of the tips that can be helpful while selecting a URL for post/articles. Follow along….Here we go; Top Tips for Perfecting SEO Friendly URLs for ranking higher.

If you are having a WordPress Blog, the default permalink structure doesn’t look good and is not that much search engine friendly. So how to properly structure SEO friendly images. Wondering How to change the permalink structure? Go to Settings > Permalinks from WordPress Dashboard and type in your custom permalink structure as:

See Here: How to change WordPress Permalink

After setting the custom permalink structure. Make sure to keep these tips for creating SEO friendly URLs for the post:

  • Keep it simple, Keep it clean!

It is always good to keep the link very simple and clean. Try not to include items like ids, special characters, numbers or tags in the url. These makes the URL very complex and doesn’t appeal that much.




  • Human Readability

While selecting URL for a post, make sure the URL is human readable. Not only the links will look better, it actually impacts the user experience of the website. Ultimately who is reading the article? We Humans….




  • Let the URL say about the topic

Using the title of the post as the URL is a very good practice. This gives the idea of the Topic of the post to the readers just by looking at the link.




  • Keep the URL short!

Use fewer folders as possible. Don’t add all folders or categories to the URL. Just keep it short, just add the important category or folder.


Good: http://www.example .com/phones/google-pixel/


  • Keywords are important

Always make sure you add the keyword that your focusing in your URL. It will look good and directly give the idea to the readers about the topic. Also don’t just try to stuff the keywords and using the keyword multiple times is not going to help.


Good: http//


  • Stop Words in URL.

It is not necessary to add the whole post title or a sentence as a URL of the post. STOP Words like and, or, but, of , the, a, etc. need not be added to the URL. Remove them from the URLs.




  • Separators for URLs

For separating words in a URL, Hyphens and underscores are preferred. This makes the URL look more professional.




  • WWW or non-WWW

Choose either the WWW version of the URL or the non-WWW version. 301 Redirect the other version to the preferred version or select the preferred version of the URL from the Webmaster Tools.

Use either or

Final Thoughts:

URLs are important parameter of a webpage. It is the identity of a post or page on the web. Structuring the URLs to be SEO friendly can give a boost for the rankings of the website. Also keep in mind doing this is not enough to be ranked higher. This is just one part of a post or page.  Keep the above tips in mind while creating URLs for your posts or pages. Read this guide too for optimizing the images that you use in your blog posts.

Keep it clean. Keep it short. Make SEO Friendly URLs!

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