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Reverse Image Search on Google- Find details of the images, authenticity etc

Google is the best and most popular search engine with the largest database of websites and images. Google Images is dedicated for showing Images as search results. But we can also search by Images rather than text. This is called Reverse Image search. We can simply search for an images to find details about that image.

We all use Google Images to search and find images of something we want. The first place we look for images is always Google as it is the best place to find literally anything. But also most of the Images in Google are having copyright and belongs to their respective owners, Google is just showing it in their results.

One thing that many don’t know is that we can also do an images search on Google. That is we can search by uploading an Image, and it will show us details of that images. It is a great tool which has many uses.

Reverse Image Search on Google to check if a Photo is Fake or Legit:

You can use Reverse Image Search to check the authenticity of a person’s image. This case is common if you have a photo and want to know the original person in the photo. In many cases in someone send images that grabbed from the internet and pretend to be them, we can just use reverse search images and find the person in the photo.

Google Images can be hence you used find the authenticity of Images.

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To find a different size of the same Images:

If you found an Image on Google, but the image resolution is too small/big for you, you can search with that image and can find the same image with other sizes.

Find Similar Images:

For finding similar images on google Images, we can use the Reverse image search to check for similar images on Google.

Find Location of a Picture:

If you come across some Images and is wondering where the place is, you can simply upload the image to google and if you are lucky you will be able to find the location. This can be useful for travel enthusiasts.


How to do a Reverse Image Search?

  1.  Go to Google Images.
  2.  Upload the Image or Link of the Image you need to search for.
  3. Done.

If you are in Mobile and cannot see upload Image option:

  1. Go to
  2. Upload Images.
  3. Click on Show Matches.
  4. Done.

Final Thoughts:

We have all used Google Images for finding images of something. Google is the go to place for everything now a days. But we can also use Google to track down the original Image on Google by using Reverse Image Search on Google.

We can simply upload an Image and then track down the original user or maybe the location of the picture or anything. You can do this from your Mobile or Tablet or Pc.

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