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First of all, If you are wondering what platform we are using to run the website? Its WordPress. The best and most widely used Content Management System ever. It is use by more than 25% of the whole web industry to built daily blogs to corporate websites to even huge e-commerce websites. The beauty of WordPress is its simplicity and ease of use. Even a newbie can easily get hold of how things are done using WordPress.

Why WordPress?

Seriously? If you want to know why we are using WordPress, It is because it is the BEST Content Management System that is available currently. With lots of features and a great advantage to Search Engine Optimization, WP is definitely the best platform to host a blog.

WordPress offers a lot of options and features out of the box…..But wait….We can even increase the functionalities and aesthetics by using plugins and themes. We are not limited to choose from a dozen add-ons, instead there are tons of cool themes and plugins to choose from.

WordPress is very easy to work with. Writing post and publishing it is very easy. The backend of WordPress or the Dashboard is so neatly placed which is great. There are a lot to say…. but lets keep it short.

What are plugins for WordPress?

Plugins are small add-on modules which will add more functionality to wp. Consider it as a Lego Block, we can attach it to the parent block. Plugins are small snippets of code packaged together. There are tons of plugins that are available in the WordPress repository as well as in individual developer websites.

There are plugins for all different category like security, seo, image gallery etc. All these plugins serves different purposes and is aimed for different kinds of websites. There are many options to choose from one segment itself as there are tons of plugins developed by many developers.

Plugins We Use

If you are wondering what theme we are using? Its Voice Theme. It is a really good magazine and news theme for WordPress with great customization options. If you want to find out the theme any website is using, you can use the WordPress Theme Detector Services to find out the theme a website is using.

#1. WP Super Cache:

Cache plugins are really important for any WordPress Installation. It will be helpful in reducing the resource usage by the website which means lesser website load times. Website load times are really important factor of ranking in Search Engines as well as improving the whole user interface.

Caching plugins can be used to cache static resources like css, js etc and then server them from the cache, that means we don’t have to load these resources again from the web again which improves the Website Loading Speed greatly. There are a lot of caching plugins available for wp. We personally use WP Super Cache. Also checkout some other caching plugins:

Top Must have plugins for WordPress

#2. Yoast SEO:

Search Engine Optimization is very important if you want the website or blog to be successful. WordPress is SEO friendly out of the box, but lacks some features which can be added using SEO plugins like Yoast SEO or any other SEO Plugins. We use Yoast SEO Plugin, which is among the most popular and most downloaded SEO plugin for WordPress.

Also check out:

Top SEO Plugins for WordPress

#3. AMP

Accelerated Mobile Pages is the current trend in the mobile Internet segment. With the implementation of AMP in websites and blogs, they become super fast. AMP is a bare HTML structure with less tags and functions but loads with a fraction of a second.

As the importance of mobile browsing and mobile computing is increasing and more and more people are using their mobile phones for all kinds of work, AMP is very imminent. AMP can be set up very easy in WordPress as there is an Official AMP plugin developed by Automattic, Google and many in collaboration.

This plugin will add AMP support to the website. Our website is AMP Ready, What about yours? If you haven’t already, implement AMP now.

How to Setup AMP for WordPress

#4. Jetpack


Jetpack is a plugin developed by the developers of WordPress. The plugin is a combination of multiple functionalities. This is a great plugin and is definitely a MUST Have plugin for WordPress. There are functionalities for Security and other improvements of the website.

Will Images Affect Loading Speeds?

There is a great function called the Photon, which is for improving the image loading times. The images will be served from  WordPress CDN which will greatly improve the website loading time. We can also see the statistics of the website.

#5. Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 is one of the best and most widely used contact form plugin for WordPress. The plugin adds contact forms to wp which the visitors can use to send in feedback or any other queries. There are many contact form plugins available for WordPress, but what makes this plugin distant is its simplicity and easy-to-use form builders.

The plugin can be used on any website and we can make forma by just drag and drop feature. The plugin can be setup very easily. We have compiled a list of Top Contact Form Plugins for WordPress.

Final Thoughts:

There is a lot of plugins for different uses, but installing many plugins will definitely slow down the website. The plugins will have their own css and JavaScript files which needed to be loaded in order for the plugin to work. This will be affecting the website loading speed. Each plugin will be having different affect on speed, if the plugin is well coded, the plugin will not effect much but using poorly coded and outdated plugins can sometimes affect the loading speed.

Make sure you use only needed plugins and don’t depend on plugins for everything. You can always use plain HTML anc CSS to get certain things or looks you need. Lesser plugin means lesser loading time which means greater user experience and better rankings.

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