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Pay KSEB Electricity Bills Online [FAST and SECURE Method]

Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB) is the provider of Electricity in the State of Kerala. This is the age of Digitization and Its time that we make use of Online Services. We can Pay KSEB Electricity Bills Online via the Official Online Website of KSEB. We don’t have to go to the Nearest electricity Office and pay the bills. We can pay the bills in a matter of seconds from our homes using the Internet Payment Facility provided by KSEB.

Going to Pay bills can be tiring and sometimes large queues can really test our patience. It doesn’t need to be that way. By few clicks we can pay the Bills Securely. Many people still pay bills Offline fearing the loss of Money as they don’t trust the security of Online Payment Mediums. Let me clarify something, all payments made Online are highly encrypted and Secure. Payments go through the Banks Gateway which is having very tight security features.

There is no need to be afraid of losing Money while making Online Payments.

How to Pay KSEB ELectricity Bills Online:

  • Visit the Official Online Portal of KSEB.
  • Click on Quick Pay.
  • Select your Electrical Section (Region) from the Drop down list.
  • Enter Bill Number and Consumer Number which can be found on the Bill.

Reference Images:

Quick Pay Page:

Its is recommended to create an Account so that we can VIEW, MANAGE and PAY  Bills Online with ease. Creating an account is pretty simple, we just have to enter few details as shown:

User Registration Page:

After you have created an Account you will be Able to add your Bill Details once and then you can just login and pay the bills monthly. Registering will also enable VIEW and MANAGE options. We can see previous bill, electricity usage, meter readings etc. We can completely track the Electricity usage.

We can even pay amount in Advance meaning We can enter an amount an Amount and make the payment even before the bills arrives. The money will be deducted and balance amount will be used to next payment. This option is really useful as Once we Pay an amount we doesn’t need to worry paying bills monthly.

The services provided in this Portal are :

  • View /Pay Bill
  • Consumption, Billing and Payment History
  • Update Profile
  • Update Consumer profile
  • Complaints Registration
  • Complaints Status

Without Logging in

  • Quick Pay
  • Complaints Registration
  • Complaint Status
  • New Connection Application

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How to make a Payment online?

  • There are 2 options:
  • a. For Quick Payment: User needs to click on ‘Quick Pay’. No Registration is required. Registered Users can also avail this Facility
  • b. For Registered Users: The User to click on View and Pay bill and proceed.

2. Can I make advance Bill Payment?

  • Advance bill payment is not possible for Quick Payment. But it is is available in view and pay bill for all energy bills. Please enter the desired Amount in the Free Text Field.

3. How to get Payment Receipt online?

  • A Printable acknowledgement would be available on completion of Payment.

4. What shall I do if Receipt ID is not generated/Error Page is displayed?

  • After a successful transaction, if Error Page is displayed, instead of the Receipt ID, kindly check whether your Bank Account is already debited with the Amount of the earlier transaction, before attempting to pay again, for the same Account ID. If debited, please do not attempt to pay again for the same Account ID. The receipt would be displayed in payment history page within reasonable time, after receiving confirmation from the Bank.

5. What is the procedure of Billing?

  • The Bills are issued on a monthly / bi-monthly basis, across the State of Kerala, for domestic, non-domestic, industrial and Agricultural consumers. The Payment of Bills is to be made as per the Due Date printed on the Bills.

References: KSEB Official FAQ

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