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[100% Working]FREE Online SMS Bomber to Prank your Friends!

Hello guys…wondering how to irritate your friend. Well you can try this simple sms bomber or sms flooder script. The online sms bomber script will send in large number of messages to the victims phone number. It sure is a lot of fun to mess up with our friends. So try it out and disturb your friends.

the sms bomber or sms flooder that we are providing here is an online script which generate unlimited sms. Let me start by clearly saying that this tutorial is strictly for educational purposes and not to cause any trouble to anyone.

This SMS Bomber is working only for Indian Mobile Numbers as of now. We will be working in bringing the Text Bomber to more countries. Always remember that this script is developed for educational purposes only.

What is an Online SMS Bomber?

A SMS bomber or Text Bomber or Text Flooder is just a small script which is used to send unlimited sms bombs to a particular number spamming his/her inbox. This is just a simple exploit making use of the otp registration system. The messages you receive will be just text with no use.

The trick is pretty simple we have to go to this free online text bomber and then enter the mobile number of the victim and the number of messages to be sent. Thats all. The free sms bomber script will do the rest of bombing the victim with lots and lots of sms enough to get someone really pissed off.

How to Send Unlimited SMS to a Number:

1. Visit the Free SMS Bomber Page Here. The webpage as shown above will be loaded.
2. Enter your friend’s mobile number.
3. Enter the number of sms bombs to be send.
4. Click send.
Sit back and relax while the script starts flooding the victims inbox with tons of spam messages.He or she will be getting frequent messages with a small interval that is enough to irritate anyone.Make sure you use it for educational purposes and do not exploit the script.

NOTE: There are some issue with all the sms scripts now, sometimes they tend not to work.


The script will only work with Indian Mobile numbers. The online sms bomber works by taking advantage of the otp verification process of certain app. So this will also work with numbers with DoNotDisturb service activated.


1. Free sms bomber: the text bomber script is absolutely free to use.
2. Fast: there is very less or negligible delay in sending sms.
3. 100% safe: This particular online Sms bomber is safe to use because it doesn’t violate any terms. the script just takes advantage of otp verification system.
4. There is very less internet consumption and works well on any network.
5. No download required. The text flooder script is hosted online and doesn’t require any downloading.
6. It works with DND Numbers also
7. The sms bomber script supports all Indian Telecom Operators.

Please don’t use this SMS bomber to flood people you don’t know. This is just for fun to tease your friends. The script is only for educational purposes and do not exploit its use. We are in no way responsible for anything that you cause.
The script will tend to work until the OTP exploit is working.

How to Prevent Spam Messages:

There are many ways in which we can prevent spam messages. Certain Android phones even provide inbuilt Call and Message Blocker features. For those have such a Message blocking feature, add the number to Block List so that you will not be receiving spam messages from the particular number.

Another Method is installing a 3rd-party app from Play Store. Truemessenger App from the developers of the awesome call blocker app called Truecaller can be used to block unwanted and spam messages. Just Download and install the app. Some features of Truemessenger App:
– Identify the sender, even contacts not in your phonebook
– Avoid messages from unwanted numbers and contacts
– Help the community outsmart common spammers by reporting them
– Automatically sends spam messages to a separate folder

The app will automatically block SPAM messages automatically by syncing with their huge spam database. In this way you will not be notified of these SMS Bomber Texts.

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