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Find Out Your Homescreen Setup for Android – #myAndroid

Android is the most popular mobile operating system that is owned by Google. It is highly customizable Operating System. People loves to be different in all aspects. Find your Android Setup by just taking a small #myAndroid Test to find the one setup which matches your taste.

As i was saying everybody has their own taste and it varies from people to people. In Android the opportunities available for a unique look for your phone is literally millions. You can easily change the look and feel of the device using different wallpapers, launchers etc.

There’s a home screen for everyone

I like my Homescreen to look bright and minimal, while you might like it vibrant and fancy. There are many many ways to change the look and feel of the Android Phone. This is the beauty of Android. In case of iOS everybody has the same look except for change in wallpapers. All look alike. You cannot bring the artist inside you to the world.

Android has tons of applications and widgets that can be used to change the way it looks and feels. There are Android Launchers, widgets, Icon Packs, Wallpapers, Keyboards etc. Using this we can have a gazillion combination. But how to find one that matches your taste.

Take the Google #myAndroid Taste Test

Go to the Google #myAndroid Page and you can take a small test which basically asks you to choose from 2 sets of answers and after you complete the test you can get the look of your taste. you can then download the required apps and wallpapers and then get the same setup in your Android Smartphone……How cool is that!

The #myAndroid Taste Test will let you decide on:

  • Launchers
  • Wallpapers
  • Icons
  • Widgets
  • Keyboards

The test will identify the taste of yours and suggest the ones from a collection of many apps available for android.

Final Thoughts:

Take the #myAndroid taste test today and find the match for you. Its just a cool way to get to know what style matches you and download all the required applications and widgets according to your taste.

Here is my Look:

I took mine and I really liked it. Whats yours?Comment below!

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