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Top 5 Must Have Plugins for WordPress [2017 Edition]

WordPress being the most popularly use CMS ( Content Management System) Platform in the world, has a very large number of developers and coders. So there are tons of plugins to choose from from the WordPress repository or from the developer itself. Here we are going to have a look at the must have plugins for WordPress.

WordPress out of the box is definitely great and has some great features. Plugins are Add-ons that will add even more functionalities to the platform. Availability of plugins is another advantage of WordPress over any other Content Management platform out there.

Plugins are basically small code snippets that will be added to the existing WordPress installation and will improve the functionality of the platform and make it more flexible and unique. There are tons of websites that are built on WP, but still these websites doesn’t look the same or function the same. Thanks to the wide variety of Themes and Plugins that are available for WP making it one of the most versatile platform ever.

Must Have WordPress Plugins:

Lets get started on the must have plugins compilation for the year 2017. we will be looking at some of The Best Plugins for WordPress from different categories.

  • #1 WP Super Cache:

Caching plugin is a must have WordPress plugin for any website or blog. It will basically cache the sites static resources and thus reducing the site loading time. Site Loading time is very important and is a Ranking factor in Google itself.

Only if the site is loading fast, it will be ranking good in Search Engines. Site’s loading speed will also effect the visitors as there will be large number of bouncing due to the time it takes to load the website. Everything needs to be fast these days. Websites or Blogs are not an exception either.

Caching plugins will reduce the size of the static resources like html and css by minifying them which will improve the site loading time. Also there are many features( depending on the plugin you use) like Content Delivery Network a.k.a CDN Integration.

It will also reduce the resource usage of the website which will greatly help you not over use the host’s or server’s available resources. This will be mainly felt if your are in a Shared Web Hosting Plan. If the website is using more resources, the host will make the website Offline which is not a good thing. But if you Install a caching plugin it can greatly help you reduce the resource usage. Still if you are experiencing technical difficulties with the website, Go ahead and upgrade the web-hosting plan to Dedicated or VPS hosting.

Some of the Best Cache Plugins for WordPress are:

  1. WP Super Cache
  2. W3 Total Cache
  3. WP Rocket (Paid)
  4. WP Fastest Cache

All these plugins are exceptional and well maintained. With great reviews and ratings, these are the best caching plugins that are available for WordPress. I personally use WP Super Cache for this website and use WP Fastest Cache for some of my other websites. I never had any issues with them. They integrate properly with almost all themes and plugins seamlessly.

  • #2 Jetpack:

Jetpack is a multipurpose plugin developed by Automattic, the parent company of WordPress. It is built with great integration capability with WP as it is from the same developers. It has a suite of tools that are just great. It is a must install plugin for WordPress and should be installed immediately if you haven’t already.

There are many features for Jetpack from improving the performance to the security of the website. It also provides a Stats functionality using which we can track the visitors and page views of the website from the WordPress dashboard itself.

It is a Free/Paid Plugin that is some of the basic functionalities are Free to use and for some premium features will will have to buy the Premium package of JetPack. The Free version provides some great tools by the way.

Some Features:

We will need to create a account for enabling Jetpack. In Security section, we have malicious attack blocker which will block any kind of malicious attack on the websites and protect the website. Then there is a Downtime monitoring feature which will alert us via E-mail when the website is offline or experiencing a Downtime. It can come is handy at times.

Then there are features like subscriptions which will ping the subscriber whenever an new post goes live on the website. It is a very easy to use newsletter feature of JetPack. Then there are many sharing and commenting options.

One main feature or functionality that i Recommend you use is the Photon option under the Appearance tab.

Photon is an image acceleration and editing service for sites hosted on or on Jetpack-connected WordPress sites. That means less load on your host and faster images for your readers.

This will speed up the loading of Images on the website and reduce the load on the server, meaning faster site loads. This is a great feature as we will be getting CDN performance for image loading.


If you are interested in their Premium Package Go ahead and subscribe for the JetPack Premium Plan with lots of great features and functionalities.

  • #3 Yoast SEO Plugin:

Search Engine Optimization is a very important aspect of any website or blog. The ultimate aim of a website is to have more readers, and how does the visitors come? Majorly via Search Engines which is known as organic visitors. Only if the website is optimized properly then the website can rank in Search Engines like Google, Bing etc.

WordPress is SEO Friendly out of the box, but there are plugins which can enhance the functionality of WordPress eve more and one such plugin is the Yoast SEO Plugin. It is the most popular and widely used SEO Plugin for WordPress. We have reviewed the Plugin carefully and put up a Complete Yoast SEO Guide for WordPress.

The Complete Yoast SEO Guide

If you want other suggestions for SEO Plugins for WordPress, See the below article were the top 5 SEO Plugins are featured.

Top SEO Plugins for WordPress

  • #4 Accelerated Mobile Pages(AMP):

Accelerated Mobile Pages known as AMP is revolutionizing the mobile browsing experience to a whole new level. With the idea of improving the internet experience in Mobile devices, Google launched the prestigious AMP project. AMP is definitely the next big thing in the internet world and every bug names have already adapted AMP for their websites.

Its not too late for implementing AMP, In-fact this is the Best Time to implement AMP on your website. We have prepared a dedicated tutorial on How to Implement AMP for WordPress. The guide is beginner friendly and very easy to follow. Here is the Link to the tutorial:

How to Install AMP for WordPress

  • #5 Contact Form 7:

Contact Form plugins helps you build forms for your website, mainly for contact pages. We can create forms which the user can use to easy get in touch with the admin or the company. Contact page is an important page of any website or blog.

Contact form plugins will save you from the pain of manually coding a form in html. These plugins will allow drag and drop functionalities. One of the most famous and most widely used and one of the oldest contact form plugin is the Contact Form 7 plugin. I personally think this is the best contact form plugin for WordPress and I use it on all my websites.


If you want to know about some other contact form plugins, then feel free to visit our Best Contact Form plugin compilation using the link below:

Best Contact Form Plugins for WordPress

Final Thoughts:

There are tons of plugins available for WordPress and we can easily get confused with which one to go with. There are all kinds of plugins from caching plugins, security plugins and then plugins for adding aesthetics to the websites and many more.

This post is mainly focusing on some of the important and must have plugins for wp. There are more……We will be working on updating this post regularly.

Share if you liked it. Comment if you have any doubts or queries and also mention some of the plugins that you personally find very important.


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