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How to Install WordPress on Windows 7/8/8.1/10 using WAMP.

WordPress is the most popular Content Management Software(CMS) that is available right now. It is the most widely used platform, in fact more than half of the websites now are using WordPress. So it is undoubtedly the most preferred choice for any blogger or a website designer.

WordPress is A CMS Platform which needs to be hosted on a sever. Hosting servers costs quite a bit of money to purchase. What if you are just testing out something or learning more about WordPress and how it works and its features? There is no need for going ahead and buying a web host, you can run a WordPress website on your local machine without  spending any money on buying Hosting or Domain.

For Installing WordPress on your local machine, there are two things to be downloaded.

Firstly, The WordPress package(duh….obviously) and Secondly a local server to host our website. There are other local servers which we can use to host WordPress on our Local Machine like XAMP etc. But Wamp is pretty simple and easy to use which makes it desirable to use. We will be use it for our tutorial here.

Download all the requires items here before continuing:

1. WordPress:

Download WordPress

 2. WAMP(Our Local Server):

Download WAMP

Lets get started!


Alrighty! Now that we have downloaded our files.

  • Go Ahead and Install the Wamp server.
  • After Installing, Extract the WordPress Package.
  • Now Copy the contents of the WordPress Package to the “www” folder of WAMP(C:\wamp\www\).

  • Next run the wampserver.exe file and wait for the icon at the taskbar to glow GREEN( Meaning everything is ONLINE and running fine).

  • Open your browser and type in “localhost” or Click localhost from WAMP Menu.

Configuring WordPress on Local Server:

1. The First page will tell us to choose the desired language. Go ahead and hit Continue.

2.  Lets create a database before continuing .

From Wamp Menu select “phpMyAdmin” option and you shall see a page like below:

3. Click on “new” on the left menu to create a new Database. Give  a name to the Database( I’ve name my database as “testdb”). Click on Create.

4. The Database will be created. Note the name of the Database.(Mine’s testdb)

5. Back on. The Next Page after we select language at the WordPress start is Configuration. Note that you will asked to fill out some fields. Carefully fill them out:

Database Name: <the name of database you just created>

Username: root

Password: <leave it blank>

Database Host: localhost

Table prefix: wp_

6. Click Submit and On the next page hit Run the Install.

7. Enter the details below like website title, the login credentials etc.

8. After the 7th step you will be greeted by a success message. Click login to login to the dashboard.

9. After logging in you can do whatever you would like to experiment on with.

10. Hurray. You have Successfully installed WordPress on your Windows computer.

Now that you’ve Installed WordPress on Windows, we can experiment with different themes and plugins. It is always good to know the behavior of a theme or plugin on our website before actually implementing it on a live site. We can install and try out different WordPress themes and play around a little bit until you find the right theme for the website.

Another advantage is that we can install and try out plugins and check if there are properly compatible with the theme and website. If there are any incompatibility, there is always a different choice for another plugin as the WordPress repository has tons of plugins.

Installing WordPress on Windows rather than installing it on a Host will enable you to work offline and improves speed because we don’t wholly rely on Internet when we Install WordPress on Windows rather than hosting it on Web Server for Testing.

If you want your site to have the latest of technologies, consider adding AMP for WordPress which will increase the user interaction and SEO of the Website once it is live.

Comment below if you have any kind of doubts or queries. Happy to help!


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