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Create Instagram Large Photo Grid [Make Profile AWESOME]

Are you on Instagram?I mean that is a dump question to ask……. Have you come across certain profiles where single photos makes a collage and appears like a large image in their profile. It looks really dope. Ever wondered how they do it. Well lets get started on creating Instagram Large Photo Grid.

Instagram large grid photos does look really cool and is definitely a great way to boost your followers. Stand out from others. So those who haven’t created  large grid photo on your Instagram profile, go ahead and create one.

For creating a good looking collage for your Instagram profile make sure to choose an Image with striking features and good Resolution. After you have selected the App, decide the number of rows and columns for the grid and choose one. Crop the Photo nice and smoothly making sure you are not cropping away any good stuff from the picture. After the Images is split by the App, always make sure to upload the split images in their respective orders or else it might look distorted.

Also make sure the number of current photos that are present on your profile is multiple of 3 meaning the images completely fill the rows so that when uploading new photos there won’t be any distortions.


How to Create  Instagram Large Photo Grid:


  1. Download the App from Google Play(Link Below).
  2. Open the App and Select the Picture you want to create large grid.
  3. Select the size of the grid.
  4. Upload the split photos as mentioned in the App.
  5. Done.


  • Easy to cut your pics.
  • Cut any picture into 3×1,3×2,3×3,3×4,3×5 slices.
  • Zoom or move your pics.
  • Upload final photo to Instagram directly.
  • Easy to use and powerful.
  • Save to SD card.

If you are not satisfied with the highlighted App. Feel Free to Try out these:

  1. Instagrid Grids for Instagram
  2. Instagrid For Instagram

These apps are freely available in Google Play. Make sure you give it a try and find out the Best App…..What are your thoughts, which one is your favorite App. Let us know in the comments.

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