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Play this VIRAL game using your Voice- Its great fun!

Games often goes viral in Android as well as in iOS with just a day or two. There can be many reasons an Application or Game can go viral. Games like Color switch, Flappy Bird etc went damn viral within few days, these games are very simple and doesn’t have any complex graphics or physx.

Today we are going to Introduce you guys to a new game which is going viral and is all over the internet. The game is going viral because of its gameplay method. The game is played using our Voice. We can play by singing a song or talking anything.

The game is very simple and easy to play. The game is called as Chicken Scream. We navigate a chicken through the obstacles like we do in Super Mario or any kind of retro adventure games. We need to use our voice to control the movement of the chicken. We can either sing or talk or make some kind of noise to navigate the chicken.

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There is only two control options: walk and jump. The chicken will walk or jump based on the intensity of the voice. When we speak softly, the chicken walks and when we scream the chicken jumps. That’s basically it. There is nothing we need to know more.

-Don’t make any noise to make the chicken stop
– Speak softly to make the chicken walk
– Scream to make the chicken jump

Download Chicken Scream:

Download for Android

Download for Apple

The game seems very easy, but you will take to master the game. The game is available for both Android and iOS platforms and its free. The game’s graphics is also great and looks really awesome.

Download and play it today. Let me know how you liked the Game, comment below.

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