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How to Find FREE Images for using in Blog Posts?[Updated 2017]

Writing blog posts is not easy and reading them is not always interesting. Blog posts with just plain text for the entire post is very boring for the readers. Some of us might even don’t care what some paragraphs say. That is quite natural behavior of Human Beings. So How can we make our blog posts Interesting for our Readers? Yes….Use images within the posts.

Images are visually appealing than texts and they are said to be more effective in explaining things. So it is always a great idea to add images whenever possible to keep the readers interesting. This does’t mean adding up any images to the posts. NO…always make sure that the pictures you add are having relevance, It is related to the posts your write.

A question will arise, Where can we find Good Quality Images for our Blog Posts? This is the question we are goinng to discuss in our post here.

In WordPress, we have an option to Add Featured Image for all the individual posts which are shown just below the Heading. The featured image is very important as it act as the primary image while we share the posts online in Social Media accounts. These images will give the readers idea about what the blog post is about. How to make such cool Featured Images?

Use images with cc0 licensed images as these images can be edited or modified as we want and doesn’t violate any copyright norms.

Why Don’t take Images from Google?

The first place where for getting images is Google Images. Yes the holy grail of Images. But using images from Google Images is not Recommended. WHY? The Images shown in Google Search are just reference images and many fall under copyright rules. Google searches through all the websites in its database and returns relevant images that has been used in the websites. Using copyright content can always get you into trouble. SO never use COPYRIGHT content for our images on our blogs.

We can use images from other websites by requesting a permission from the website. You might need to link to the source while using those images.

Get FREE Images from Google:

Being said about why we might have to stop using images from Google Search….We can actually use images from Google which fall under the FREE to USE category of Creative Commons License. For such images there is a filtering of images. Follow the steps to get Free to Use images from Google which doesn’t violate any Copyright rules:

  • Go to Google Images.
  • Search for the Images you need.
  • Go to Tools > Usage Rights.
  • Select the option Labelled for reuse with modification
  • The images after filtering can be used as we need.


Below are the list of Website which provide us Royalty Free images for use in Blog Posts and all kinds of other uses. These images are under cc0 license which means its free to edit or modify the image. There are tons of images in all these websites. I bet you will always find the pictures suitable for you from these websites. Another main aspect of these websites is that the images they provide are having high resolution. There will be no issues during editing or compressing these images.



Pixabay is among the top websites that offer Royalty Free Images for all kinds of different uses. There are over 8,80,000 plus images on the website are new images are added on a daily basis. There are all kinds of images from many different categories. There are images, illustrations, Vectors and Videos in pixabay and all the resources fall under the CC0 license.

Website Link:

2. Pexels

Pexels is another great website with tons of Free Images. All images are FREE for personal as well as Commercial Use. No attribution required for images. All images are high quality and shot by many authors who are part of the great community. There are images from many categories.

Website Link:

3. Unsplash

Unsplash is similar to pexels but the images have a different angle to it. The images are real awesome. Unsplash is more suited for Travel and Nature Blogs, but there are images for all kinds of different niches. All the images are cc0 license and Absolutely Free to use. The website is pretty simple and easy to navigate. Unsplash is all about simplicity.

Website Link:

4. Stocksnap

Stocksnap is actually a website that i recently came to notice is actually pretty good. It does have super images of all genres. All the images are FREE and so go on and enjoy beautiful pictures. Stocksnap is having a clean UI and is really good when it comes to wide variety of Photos. I have started using  Stocksnap a lot now a days…I really liked it a lot. There are popular and trending sections. There are tons of images for tech and business blogs/websites.

Website link:

5. PicJumbo:

PicJumbo is a website I stumbled upon only recently. They have tons of great images. There are multiple images for a photoshoot and are available for FREE. There is also a premium package which has NEVER-SEEN pictures. The quality of the pictures are super awesome. There are great images of all genres. All the images have a great premium feel to it, making it one of my favorite websites for scraping images for my blogs.

Website link:

6. Good Free Photos

This website is not that popular and many would not have came across the website. The site is pretty simple and very lite, nothing fancy. Good Free Photos provides Free Images for all. They mainly provides photos of places which is ideal for Travel Bloggers.

The site is having some pretty good photos, all high resolution natural looking photos. There are few photos under the Technology and business category, but tons of photos of different places and cities. Another thing is that since the website is not that popular, you can get some un-seen photos for your blogs. The main highlight is that all the photos are Natural Looking.

Website Link:


Some of the Tools that I use for creating Featured Images and Blog images are:

  • Adobe Photoshop CC.
  • Adobe Illustrator.
  • Windows Snipping Tool for scrapping off Screenshots.

The best tool to create Featured Images and blogposts is Microsoft PowerPoint. It is the best tool for a beginner as the usage is pretty simple and everybody can create great images. I highly recommend Powerpoint to beginners. I personally use photoshop for all my editing and stuffs, because i find it very efficient for editing or cropping or any kind of functions. Another great advantage of Photoshop is that we can save images for web which is optimally compressed and doesn’t compromise on image quality.


I personally use all of them for my blogs and absolutely love it and highly recommend it! I even get images for my Desktop and Mobile Wallpapers from these websites. Some of the photos are absolutely magical and is equivalent to paid stock images that we see on premium websites.

If you guys source images from any other website, do comment below so that we could also have a look at the images. Sharing is caring.

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