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How to Download Torrents with Good Speeds! Here is the Proper way to Download

Torrents are around us for ages now. All uses torrents for sharing and downloading files from the Internet. Torrent is a Peer to Peer network in which the files is not stored on a server rather it will be using the users computer as the server. But till now you have been downloading torrents the wrong way. We’ll see How to Download Torrents with Good Speeds.

Usually we download torrents using torrent clients like Bittorrent or uTorrent. Unless you are living under a rock, you might have heard of cloud technology and how it is changing how we use internet. Cloud technology has also found its way to the torrent world.

We can now download torrents using Cloud technology which will be giving you really high speeds saving your precious time. Today i will be giving you a guide How to Download torrents with good speeds using cloud technology. We will not be needing a Torrent Client software or App in this method.

Another good thing is that you can access your files in any system or device once its added to your library. Isn’t that great.

How to Download Torrents with Good Speed:

  1. Take 10 seconds to create an account on this webiste: Link Here
  2. You will be getting 2GB of storage for your FREE account.
  3. Now we have to add the desired torrent to the cloud.
  4. You can add torrents using Magnet Links by copying and pasting it or just upload the torrent file.
  5. After the torrent is added to cloud, click on download.
  6. Enjoy high downloading speeds for you torrent.

  (1). Pasting magnet URL or torrent URL

(2). Torrent being downloaded to the cloud

(3). Download torrent from cloud


We have just seen what is the correct method to download torrent using the latest Cloud Technology. We will be getting blazing fast download speeds using this method comparing to the traditional way of torrent downloading using a Torrent Client. This method doesn’t require us to download and install any extra software. I use this method for all my torrent downloads and I’m thankful to my friends who introduced me to this method.

Hurray! you have just studied how to download torrents with good speeds using Cloud Technology. Welcome to the future.

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