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How to create TEMPORARY email Addresses [Fake email ids]

E-mail is one of the most use mode of communication online. E-mails are used for casual communication to newsletters to advertising materials. It is very important that we have our own E-mail Address as we use them every where for signing in to websites and literally on every online service. So if you are having any doubts while typing in your e-mail or you don’t want your mailbox to be filled with spams, it is better to use temporary email address or disposable emails or also known as throwaway email addresses.

These kind of temporary or disposable email addresses can come in handy when we don’t want to use your email id while signing up for some one-time service or any less secure services. We can use them and once they are not needed, we can just throw them away.

Most of the temporary emails will be having only few hours or few days validity. After that the emails expire. The main thing is that when we use these kind of emails while signing up, we are not exposing our original email which we might be using for all kinds of important purposes. Also when we signup in a lot of services mainly one time services, the mailbox will be receiving a lot of spam mails and advertisement flyers which can fill up your inbox.

Why Use Temporary Email Address?

This is a snapshot of one my mail ids which i use for all kinds of online activities. You can see the number of emails that I receive and note that this is just the promotional ones. There are tons on spam messages too. This is exactly why one should be using disposable email ids when engaging in onetime web activities.

We can easily check how many unwanted mails and spams we will be receiving if we just sign up in just a few websites. Often the emails are tracked by advertisers for promoting certain products or services, basically spam messages. Sometimes we will also be receiving tons of mails from some services which we never even signed up for.

How to get Throwaway Email address?

The whole idea of Throwaway or temporary email address is that we will be using some random email ids that will expire automatically after certain time. So if we want to signup on a website just for once, we can use the disposable email address while creating accounts. We will be receiving mails to that fake email address. All the signups are verified via links send to the email address. We can just access the mailbox of our newly created fake email address to open the mail and successfully verify the account.

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There are many services that offer FREE temporary or disposable or throwaway (whatever you like to call it). It is very easy to use also. Some email providers will let us create our own email ids while for some we will have to choose from some available email addresses or the one which is given to us.

# Mailinator – Any Inbox you want:

Mailinator is one of my favorite temporary email address creator. I personally prefer mailinator for having more features than some of the others available. The service is absolutely free no need to register and can be used without any issues.

We can create any custom username for the email id, just enter the preferred username and the the mailbox will be loaded. Its that simple. Other feature that you have is that we can connect it with any of our other emails and forward any emails from the temporary id to it. There is also API access which can sometimes come in handy, but is not needed for the normal user. For advanced users, there is also a provision to connect our own domain to mailinator and create unlimited disposable email ids.

Website Link:

# Guerrillamail:

Guerrilla Mail – Disposable Temporary E-Mail Address. It is the second one that i personally prefer. It can receive emails as well as we can compose emails form these temporary emails as well which is another added advantage.

We can choose from the available emails ids or create custom combinations using some of the available domains. There are many emails available. No need to register inorder to access the feature. We can also get scrambled ids which is difficult to identify the mailbox. A Forget Button is also provided in case you wish to close the mailbox instantly.

Website Link:

# ThrowAwayMail:

This is comparatively simple to use without much options. You get what you need….thats it. You will be receiving a random email id and the mailbox will be valid for 2 days. No need to register! There is no other options, just a mailbox with a random email id. There is a refresh button  to refresh the mailbox if you can’t find emails that are suppose to be arrived.

Website Link:

# MyTemp.Email:

This is yet another simple yet functional throwaway email generators. Once we open the website, just hit that start button and we will be taken to random mailbox with some random email ids. We can also generate more ramdom email ids from the mailbox. An option for adding custom domain is also available.

Website Link:


# Temp-Mail:

Another simple yet great fake email generator. On visiting we will be having a random email id and the mailbox. We can create new custom email ids from their available domains. No email compose option, just receive emails. We don’t need to register on the site to get access to these fake emails or temporary emails. We can delete the mailbox whenever we want using the delete button. The site is very simple with less clutters. A clean interface!

Website Link:

Final Thoughts:

Fake Email Generators or we call Temporary emails generators (in fancy words) are used to create temporary emails that we can use it and just throw away. No need to worry about any follow up emails or spams or advertising flyers or newsletters.

Disclaimer: Do not use the temporary email ids to do anything illegal. Live Legally. Live Safe!

Mainly used when we don’t want to disclose our email address or you doubt the security of the website or when you are just signing up for a onetime activity. We can save us a lot of spam messages and promotional items by using temporary emails addresses.

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