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How to Connect Computer to Internet without Cables [2 Methods]

WiFi stands for Wireless Fidelity. It is the most common way we all use Internet nowadays. WiFi being a wireless technology is so much better than wired internet connections. WiFi became the really popular only recently. All the Modern Computers and Laptops comes with WiFi. But how can we connect computer to Internet without cables, mainly older computers without an inbuilt WiFi modem.

Connecting computer or laptop to the internet using cables can be a bit of pain in the arse. Your Modem will be far away from the computer and you will have to route cables to the computer which is not so easy. But instead we can connect computers without an Internal WiFi modem or adapter to WiFi without using any Cables.

This hack can also be used by those who have a faulty Wireless Adapter on your Laptop or computer. Sometimes when the internal modem is fried and cannot be replaced or you can’t find a replacement for it, these methods can be helpful as well.

In order to access or connect to a Wireless Network, the computer should have a WiFi modem inside it. If it doesn’t have a Wireless Modem, then the only traditional way is to hook it up using Ethernet cables.

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Lets get started on How to Connect Computer to WiFi without using any Cables. Today we will be discussing about 2 methods to do the same. One will need an additional hardware whereas the other method, we will be using a smartphone.

#1. Using an External WiFi Adapter:

First method that we will be looking at is by adding a small piece of hardware to the computer. We can add an External Wireless Adapter to the computer. This will enable the computer to be connected to the Internet without using any Ethernet cables.

External WiFi adapter ranges from tiny devices to a full sized pen drive size or even bigger depending on the Internet Data Transfer Rate and Range. It is basically a USB device that will be adding the wireless connectivity capability to the computer.

For normal usage the tiny teeny USB WiFi adapter will only be needed. The device can be plugged into the USB port and we will not even notice any change in the computer setup as the device is merely visible as its pretty small.

How to Use External Wireless Adapters:

The external adapter will be a USB device, so it doesn’t require any kind of installation. Just Plug and Play. You will also find a CD with required drivers and utility software with the external modem itself.

  1. Insert the USB Wireless Adapter.
  2. Install the Included Software and Drivers.
  3. Open the WiFi Configuration Application.
  4. Connect to the Wireless Network.
  5. Done!

You can now access internet wireless-ly on your old PC or Laptop which doesn’t support WiFi by default. These external Wireless adapters are really cheap and you can easily get one online or in any computer store. There are cheap Chinese ones as well as top branded ones like the D-Link, TP-Link,etc…. The prices will be from $10 and above. Some might have more Data Rate speeds but all these are high speed devices.

Another thing about these external adapters is that some of them even support SoftAP functionality, which is basically Software Tethering. You can use the device to host a Wireless Network and devices can connect to that network.

#2. Using USB tethering in Android Phones.

We can use the Tethering functionality of the Smartphones to access internet wirelessly in computer or laptop without a WiFi modem. This method just uses an Android Smartphone, there is no need to buy any type of hardware for this method. We will be needing an Android Smartphone with USB tethering Function. We will be using the WiFi from the smartphone to get access to wireless signals and then share the internet connection to the computer using a USB cable.

What is USB Tethering?

Tethering means sharing the Internet connection of an Internet-capable mobile phone with other devices. This sharing can be offered over a wireless LAN (Wi-Fi), or over Bluetooth, or by physical connection using a cable.

USB tethering is sharing internet using a USB cable.

How to:- USB Tethering with computer:

  1. Turn on the WiFi on the Smartphone and Connect to the suitable Network.
  2. Check you have internet connection.
  3. Connect the Android Smartphone to the computer using a USB Data Cable.
  4. Go to Tethering Settings of the Smartphone.
  5. Turn on the USB Tethering option.
  6. Wait for the computer to automatically install the required drivers.
  7. Now you can see that the computer will be having internet connection.
  8. Done!

In this method the Smartphone will be acting as an external WiFi adapter. This is possible by the tethering option that are available in all most all Android Smartphones. We are sharing the Internet connection of the Mobile Phone with the computer.

Final Thoughts:

If you are not having a WiFi Modem or Wireless Modem in your computer and Laptop, but want to access internet via WiFi, then the above mentioned methods can be tried out. These are really simple and easy methods to connect a computer without a inbuilt Wireless capabilities.

The external adapters are fairly cheap and can easily be bought online or from any computer store. The second method is the easiest and doesn’t require any kind of external modems or adapters, we will be using an Android Smartphone for accessing Internet via WiFi. Both these methods are tried and tested and works fine without any issues.

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But in case you ran into a problem or need any kind of help, feel free to comment below. We will be addressing you ASAP!

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