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How to Create BOOTABLE USB Drive for Windows 7/8/8.1/10 Installation

Windows is the most popular Operating System out there and majority of the Computers run on Microsoft Windows OS. Today we will be seeing how to create a BOOTABLE USB for Installing Windows on a Computer.

There are many operating systems available like the MACOS which are used in the Apple Computers, then there is Open Source Operating System called LINUX and there are many Operating Systems which are based on Linux like UBUNTU, KALI etc. But the Majority of Computers run on Windows.

Windows can be Installed using Windows Installation DVD, but nowadays the popularity of CDs and DVDs are reducing and Newer laptops doesn’t even come with a DVD Drive. So How can we Install an OS on Computers and Laptops which doesn’t have a DVD Drive or say the DVD Drive is not in Working Condition. Then we can create a BOOTABLE USB drive for Windows and then Install Windows Operating System using the USB Drive.

Lets get started into Making a USB Drive Bootable so that we can Install Windows OS using the USB Drive. The procedure might seem complex, but it is easier than writing a DVD or CD. Also Bootable USB is having many advantages over conventional DVD Discs.

First Download the required Software, We will be using a very light Software for creating the Windows USB.

Download RUFUS Software:

Install-able Version:

Download (928 KB)

Portable Version:

Download (928 KB)

Download either the Install-able version or the Portable version form the Official Website. Install version means that you will have to Install the Software onto your computer and then Run the Application. Portable version can be run directly without the need for Installation.

After Downloading the Software, get ready the ISO image file of Windows.


  • Open the Rufus Application, As you can see there are few Info that are shown in the App like Device, Partition Scheme, File System etc.
  • Insert a USB Drive (min 8GB Storage capacity).
  • The Software will detect the USB and show its Name and Drive Letter.
  • Make Sure you have selected the right USB Drive.

  • After Selecting the Drive Set other options as shown Below.
  • Click on the Small Disc Icon and Browse for the WINDOWS ISO Image file.
  • After you have selected the Image file, at the bottom we can see the “Using Image” notification. I’m using a Windows 10 Image file here.

  • Now that we have selected and configured the software, Click on the “Start” Button to start the process.
  • Now we will have to wait a few minutes for the process to complete.
  • After the progress bar is full and the Status says “READY“. We can eject the USB Drive.

We have successfully created a Bootable USB Drive for Installation of Windows. If you have selected everything as mentioned and used a valid Windows ISO Image file, there will be no errors and we can go ahead and Install Windows on any Computer.

This method is having Advantages over Having a Windows Installation Disc Like:

  • Easy to Carry.
  • No need to worry about the CD having scratches or damages.
  • Faster Installation of Windows.
  • Easy to setup and Use.
  • Bootable USB are easier to create than burning a DVD.
  • If you have any unused or leftover USB Driver, you can make your own Personal Windows USB.

I myself have a USB drive for Windows which i carry around all the time just in case somebody calls and needs Windows.

If you are facing any kinds of error or need any extra help then do comment below and we are there for you.

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