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BHIM App: Easily and Securely Transfer Money from Banks.

Prime minister Narendra Modi on Friday launched a new App for the fellow citizens called the BHIM App (Bharat Interface for Money) which allows us to send and receive money from anyone just using our Mobile Number linked with the Bank.

The Government has come up with a new system called UPI(Unified Payment Interface) which will allow people to send and receive money easily and securely. The new payment interface will allow users to send money to any user using their Mobile Number only.

The Normal way would need us the Account Number, IFSC Code, Payee Name etc for transferring Money. But by using this App one can send money to anyone just using the phone number which is linked to the bank. The App will allow to send money as well as receive money.

How to Use BHIM App:

  1. Download the App from below.
  2. Open the App!
  3. Click next to Verify your Mobile Number.
  4. Choose your Mobile Number which is linked to the bank account as the primary SIM if you are using a Dual SIM Phone.
  5. A message will be sent to verify the device.
  6. After Successful Verification. Bank Names will be shown.
  7. Select you BANK.
  8. The Account linked with your phone number will be visible.
  9. Select the Account.
  10. You will be asked to create a Mobile PIN(MPIN).Just follow the Instructions to create one.
  11. You can now send and receive money.


How to Send Money using BHIM App:

  1. Click on the Send Money Option.
  2. Enter the UPI address(phone number) of the person you are sending money or you can SCAN the QR Code of the Person you are sending to.
  3. Enter the Amount to Send.
  4. Click Send.
  5. The Payment will be sent immediately.

Note: The receiver needs to install BHIM App. The Amount will be deducted from your Bank account and send to the Receivers Account.

How to Receive Money using BHIM App:

  1. Click on request Money.
  2. Enter the UPI address of the person you are requesting.
  3. Enter Amount and Request.
  4. The payment will be done after the person confirms your request.

The App is Very Easy and Secure.

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