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Add Recycle Bin to Android Smartphone!

Would it be wonderful if we had a recycle bin for our smartphone like we have in our PC? Sadly Android doesn’t have a Recycle Bin. But we can add one. Adding a Recycle Bin for Android will enable us to recover any deleted file so that we can save accidental deletes.

For those who accidentally delete stuffs and then regret doing it, here is what you have to do. I will walk you through the procedure. We will be using an App called Dumpster which is available in Google Play Store for Free.

Dumpster works just like the recycle bin on your windows or mac desktop computer. Dumpster’s recovery ability is the perfect complementary cloud backup tool (Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive). Completely eliminating the need to constantly backup your data. Dumpster gives you the ability to recover accidentally deleted content including images, vids, audio, pdf, zip, mp3, mp4, ppt, doc, avi, mpg, jpg, rar and all common file types.

NEW – Save space on your phone! Backup and restore deleted data from the cloud, recover pictures videos apps and files directly from the cloud online. Your data is safe with us, easily backup and restore from the cloud to your phone with a tap.

How to Add Recycle Bin to Android:

  1. Download the Dumpster App.
  2. Install it and enable it.
  3. Done.

The deleted files can be found in the Dumpster recycle bin and you can easily recover it as you wish or delete the file permanently.


  • Restore deleted pictures, music files, videos and pretty much almost any file type (pdf, mp3, doc, avi, mp4, jpg, png, rar, ogg, txt and many more)
  • No Rooting needed but if you do, you get improved performance.
  • Internet connection absolutely not required.
  • NEW: Recover uninstalled apps
  • Restore Dumpster backup files with a single tap.
  • Preview deleted photos, videos and audio files before recovering.
  • Send files to Dumpster using “share” or “send to” from any file manager or gallery app out there.
  • Scheduled auto-clean of old deleted items.
  • Protect your privacy with a special lockscreen and access restriction.
  • NEW – Backup deleted pictures videos and files to the cloud!

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