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Add AMP menu, Related Posts, Social Share to WordPress AMP Pages!

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is an initiative by Google and Twitter to speed up Websites for Mobile Phones. AMP pages loads fast and is responsive making it very desirable. Google is really pushing publishers to add AMP Support for Websites. The major players have already integrate AMP. Even E-commerce players are joining the AMP Revolution.

I have implemented AMP for the Website myself. If you are wondering how to get started with AMP and Setup AMP for your Website, Go here:

Follow the instructions and you can implement AMP for your website without any hassle. AMP works great with WordPress and pretty easy to integrate with WordPress. But if you are not confident of setting up AMP for a live site Try Installing WordPress on Local Machine and then test out how to implement AMP. After you have tested out and seems confident go ahead and set it up for the live blog.

The basic AMP setup doesn’t allow us to add a MENU to our AMP pages. But we can Add AMP Menu using a Custom Plugin. There are also some other thins the Plugin is capable of.

How to Setup Menu for AMP Pages:

You should have already Setup AMP for WordPress before continuing. This will work only if you have setup and implemented AMP to your website. If you already have setup AMP, then lets get started:

  1. Install the AMP for WP – Accelerated Mobile Pages by Ahmed Kaludi, Mohammed Kaludi.
  2. Activate the plugin.
  3. Goto Appearance > Menu.
  4. Choose the menu which you wan to show as AMP Menu and Check the AMP Menu option.
  5. Done. You have successfully Added Menu to AMP Pages.

We can also create a separate Menu and then use it as AMP menu. Here I have used my primary Menu as the AMP menu.

Add Related Posts for AMP Pages:

  1. Open AMP settings from the Menu.
  2. Navigate to Single option from Menu of AMP Plugin.
  3. There is two options for Related Posts. Set the option accordingly.
  4. Done. You can now see related posts at the end of each article.

Add Social Share for AMP:

  1. Open AMP settings from the Menu.
  2. Navigate to Social option from Menu of AMP Plugin.
  3. Activate the Needed Social Media icons.
  4. For Facebook, we will have to create an app at Facebook Developers.
  5. Done.

Add link to Non-AMP page in the Footer:

  1. Open AMP settings from the Menu.
  2. Navigate to Advanced option from Menu of AMP Plugin.
  3. Turn on Link to Non-AMP page in Footer.

Additional Settings:

  1. Make sure you Add a logo for AMP.
  2. Make sure you enable AMP for Post Only, Sometimes enabling AMP for Pages can cause problems.
  3. There is an option to integrate Google Analytics in AMP pages. It is recommended to set up a separate Analytics ID for AMP pages alone, so that we can really see the difference in traffic and user engagements.
  4. Initially the Menu will be represented by 3 dots (. . .). Go to Translation Panel and then you can edit the text for Menu as well as others too.
  5. In the Design option, we can change the layout and appearance of the AMP pages.
  6. There is an option to Add ADVERTISEMENTS to AMP as well.
  7. There are many more settings to play with, go ahead and try experimenting those….


You have successfully Added:

  • AMP Menu
  • AMP Related Posts
  • AMP Social Share

There are many more features to explore from the plugin which are self explanatory. Another good thing about the plugin is that it will be able to add a Link to the Non-AMP page at the footer. There are many options to play around with. The Official Plugin doesn’t have these features at the moment, lets hope they introduce these features to the Official Plugin very soon.

The plugin is rated 4.6 out of 5 and is recommended by all. There are few Extensions that can be added to AMP Plugin, those are paid ones. The AMP Ads extension will be helpful in Adding and Customizing Ads Placements and Design. The Basic ADS options will just get the stuff done ,no control over ads, for that Ads Extension is needed.

For FAQs visit the Official Website


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